YAMAGATA INTECH Staffing Services Department (recruit.now) – Privacy Policy

1. How your personal information will be used

The personal information we receive from you will be used for the following purposes:

(1) Personal information used for staffing (including registration) and other employment or job placement purposes

    1. Registration procedure
    2. Employment screening and hiring procedures
    3. Applications, reservations, and other procedures for services provided by our company
    4. Job introductions, guidance on campaigns/events/seminars, and distribution of e-mail newsletters
    5. Providing information to companies looking for employees
    6. Procedures for cancellation and annulment of services
    7. Managing questionnaires for improving services provided by our company and collection/analysis of opinions
    8. Responding to various inquiries and consultations, and adding response history to registered information
    9. Procedures for labor management, safety management, welfare, training, etc.
    10. Compliance with domestic/international laws and regulations, and operations based on related laws and regulations
    11. Communication regarding the above procedures, as well as distribution of related materials

(2) Personal information of clients

    1. Responding to consultations, inquiries, and orders relating to services provided by our company
    2. Information on services provided by our company, notices on seminars, and distribution of materials
    3. Responding to opinions and requests regarding services
    4. Business management and sales activities
    5. Preparation of statistical data such as questionnaires, requests, and inquiries for improvement of our company’s services

(3) Personal information of  persons who have applied for employment with our company

  Screening and other procedures relating to hiring, as well as responses to correspondence and inquiries about employment

2. Submission of personal information

The submission of personal information is optional. However, should you choose not to submit your personal information, we may not be able to provide certain services. Furthermore, personal information submitted to our company shall not be returned to you in any medium.

3. Submission of sensitive information

When required for the purposes of paragraph 1, items 1 and 3 of this document, you may be requested to submit materials containing sensitive information (e.g., a copy of your disability certificate).

4. Measures to protect personal information

The personal information we receive is properly managed, with security measures taken to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, leakage, and other potential issues.

5. Sharing of personal information

Our company shall not share any personal information submitted to us with a third party without the consent of the individual in question. However, we may provide resumes or the information equivalent, physically or via e-mail, to companies looking for employees for the purpose of employment screening during job placement.

6. Entrustment of personal information

We may entrust third parties with personal information submitted to us for the purpose of providing smooth services to our customers. In such a case, we shall conclude a personal information protection contract with an entrustee that fulfills our company’s personal information protection and management standards, and provide proper management and supervision.

7. Joint use of personal information

The personal information we receive may be used jointly within the following range at our company.

    1. Personal information used jointly: your name, date of birth, home address, e-mail address, telephone number, educational background, job history, transaction history, and bank account number
    2. Range of joint use: Yamagata Corporation
    3. Purpose of joint use: systems maintenance and management of the Yamagata Group employee system, etc.
    4. Method of obtaining personal information for joint use: physical documentation, e-mail or another digital data medium, telephone, or face-to-face conversation
    5. Individual responsible for managing personal information for joint use: Yamagata Corporation

8. Matters relating to procedures for handling requests for disclosure

(1) Our company follows the procedures below to respond to requests from an individual for notification of the purpose of use of their personal information, as well as for disclosure, corrections, additions, removals, suspension of use, deletion, and suspension of sharing of personal information with third parties (hereinafter referred to as “disclosures”) within a reasonable period of time and scope. However, situations in which revealing the existence of said personal information falls into one of the following cases are excluded.

    1. Cases relating to the relationship of trust with a third party, in which the proper execution of business may be significantly hindered.
    2. Cases in which the proper execution of business may be significantly hindered, such as information relating to personnel evaluation and hiring decisions.

(2) Contact information for requesting disclosure

When requesting disclosure, contact the person in charge at the relevant branch or the relevant registration contact.

(3) Disclosure may be refused in the following cases.

    1. Cases where there is a risk of harm to the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of the individual or a third party
    2. Cases in which the proper execution of the relevant company’s business may be significantly hindered
    3. Cases in which laws and regulations will be violated

(4) The purpose of use of personal information acquired in relation to disclosure

Personal information acquired in accordance with a request for disclosure shall be handled within the range required for the request for disclosure. Furthermore, materials submitted for the request for disclosure are stored for 3 years after the completion of response, following which they are disposed.

9. Acquisition of personal information by means not easily recognized by the individual

On our company website, cookies are used to make use more convenient for visitors to the site. Cookies are stored to your computer when you access our website, and do not contain any information specifying or identifying the user. Furthermore, due the use of cookies, Internet advertisements from our company may appear when you visit other websites. Our company only uses this for the purposes of advertisement distribution, statistical analysis, and business activities; it is not used for any other purposes. Additionally, you can refuse cookies in the settings of your browser, but note that this will restrict the use of some of the functions of our website.

10. Matters relating to submitting complaints

For complaints and inquiries relating to the handling of personal information, contact the person in charge at the relevant branch or business division, the relevant registration contact, or the following e-mail address.

Yamagata Intech Corporation, ISMS contact e-mail: jinzai_privacy@yit.jp

We are not able to accept complaints or inquiries at our company in person. We appreciate your understanding.

11. Cancellation of registration (individuals who have applied for registration to our company’s services only)

The company may cancel an individual’s registration in the following cases.

    1. The individual has requested cancellation
    2. The registration expiration date determined by our company has passed
    3. The employment contract of the individual has been terminated due to reasons attributable to the individual, and the company deems cancellation necessary
    4. Our company has determined that staffing, placement, and support of the individual at our company is difficult or not appropriate
    5. The individual has caused damage, intentionally or due to negligence, to our company, the individual’s employer or related parties, or a third party
    6. The individual is a member of an antisocial force (a criminal organization or related group), or is subject to economic sanctions
    7. It has become difficult for us to directly contact the individual
    8. Cases defined below in the items of paragraph 12
    9. Other cases in which the individual has violated the obligations determined in the employment regulations

12. Damages

In the event that the individual has caused damage to our company or a third party as the result of one of the following actions, our company may claim damages.

    1. The individual has falsified their job history, abilities, or qualifications at the time of registration or employment, or made false statements regarding any other matters
    2. The individual has caused losses to our company, the individual’s employers, or related parties, or has damaged the reputation or credibility of these parties
    3. The individual has performed an act that interferes with the business of our company
    4. The individual has performed other acts deemed inappropriate by our company

13. Person responsible for personal information protection and management

Director, Department of Human Resources Services, Yamagata Intech Corporation